Blog post 3

Here’s some additional info in regards to what our blog is for:
We are writing this blog for anyone that can appreciate art and the act of self expression. Wether that be a stay at home mom that enjoys art, or a politician that is ready to fight for street artists that don’t have a voice. We want this to be for anyone that has an interest in street art and supporting a good cause in their local art community.

So far, we have gathered some information pertaining to our topic. From research, we were able to conclude that there is a bit of a grey area when it comes to laws having to do with street art. The majority of art falls underneath the blanket term of vandalism, and has little support as it’s own genre. This is unfortunate, because this makes our task of finding a specific law/public policy about street art harder to find. However; a good question for us to raise in our information is what is the line between art and vandalism? We believe that this question may be a large starting point in our cause.

With the evolution of social media and art sharing blogs/websites online, street art is easily one of the most relevant and talked about art forms with the younger generation of artists right now. We think what is so attractive about it to people is that the possibilities of it are endless. It is unfortunate that this art form has such a negative connotation behind it, but if we can all try to be a bit more optimistic about something that many people may not understand, we can make progress.

Some websites where you can find all types of street art:

Blog post 3

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